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Think of an appliance in your home without which you would just not be able to function. Want a hint? It is the vey appliance that helps you negotiate with the sweltering heat which manifests in Dania, FL during most part of the year. It is undoubtedly your air conditioner and it has a position of prime importance in your life. But think of the neglect it has to go through when it is left on uninterruptedly in the summer months without even a hint of maintenance! How can your air conditioner possibly survive under such circumstances?

If you do not want to face the ill-effects of not maintaining your air conditioner such as facing a breakdown in the middle of the night, it is crucial to pay heed to keeping it in fit condition at all times. When effective air conditioning repair and maintenance is the need, there is certainly nobody better than Dania AC Services to partner with. Experience our state-of-the-art air conditioning repair services by giving us a call on 954-281-4085 now!

Read the early signs of trouble:

As your body signals to you that something is wrong with it, air conditioners also work in the same way. A unit dripping with water, strange sounds from the compressor, unexpected shutdown and restarting of the compressor - these are all signals that something is wrong with your air conditioning unit. What is the mode of action when you notice these signals? Waiting for the problem to take care of itself? Well this is certainly not going to happen and instead of waiting around, it is advisable to call for professional help to look into the problem and effectively correct it.

Hereis a list of some more of these signals to watch out for:

  • Operational abnormalities
  • Issues in the machine turning on/off
  • Escalating power bills
  • Condensation or dripping water
  • The unit operating with noise
  • Thermostat being unresponsive
  • Foul smells

How small issues can blow out of scale?

A small drop in the efficiency or the cooling which the unit yields today can easily swell up into an urgent repair job needed in the future, which can in turn lead to a hefty bill you would have to pay. For instance, ice accumulations on the evaporator coils should blatantly signal to you about an issue with the unit’s capabilities to absorb heat, and you should actively call in for professional help. An excessive noise from the unit can mean issues with the motor or any loose nuts or bolts in the air conditioner.

Whatever may be the signal and the root cause of it, it is best to call in a professional expert such as Dania AC Services to not just look into the cause of the problem but also provide a timely and cost effective resolution to it.

Got an AC problem? We can fix it!

Being at the service of commercial and residential customers in Dania, FL for over two decades has surely helped us develop a lot of skill and experience in handling the most complex of AC repair jobs there are. Be it mini split ACs installed in condos or full blown HVAC units in office complexes and factories, there hardly is a repair job of any magnitude which we have not been able to complete skillfully. We have also developed a rather strong reputation of breathing life into air conditioning units which the other service providers had discarded for defunct, thus helping our customers considerably save on their bills.

Is the air conditioner giving you trouble? Do not delay remediation any further and give us a call on 954-281-4085 to set effective AC repair services in motion.