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The Broward County you see today wasn’t always this sophisticated and urban. Take a step back in time into the 1900s and all you’d have found is a barren swamp that was deemed unfit for inhabitation. But all that changed when the railroads first arrived to South Florida, and Napoleon Bonaparte Broward decided to drain the Everglades and transform the land! His mission to drain the swamp succeeded, and soon the ‘unfit’ land was turned fit enough to facilitate residential development and agriculture.

From nothing, Broward County became the second most-populous county in Florida, and has become a relocation magnet thanks to its abundant opportunities and ambient climate. But all the development is highly attributed to a product of the Industrial Age – a product that has now become an integral part of life in Broward County. Yes, we’re talking about air conditioners!

Air conditioning: How it made development possible?

The year-round perfect weather is a small compromise for having to deal with the region’s hot summers, yet sometimes temperatures in Broward County can hit the roof, making survival without an air conditioner extremely difficult. From air conditioned homes to cars to offices to grocery stores, it’s almost as if our entire life is spent in air-conditioned spaces – and the possibility of doing so is what catalyzed the region’s growth in the first place. If not, instead of a near 2 million population, the county would have barely hosted a few thousand. This clearly defines just how much importance air conditioners hold for a cool and comfortable life in Broward County.

Are you paying attention to your air conditioners?

While no one can dispute the fact that air conditioners hold a much greater place than we can imagine, it’s common knowledge that we treat them with a slight indifference. If you sit down and take a moment to think about it, you’ll discover that you’re spending a significant sum on your air conditioner. From investing in the right air conditioner to carrying out repairs to paying up monthly electricity bills, you splurge a huge sum towards purchasing and the upkeep of your ACs. Did you know that you might be unwittingly spending more than what’s necessary? With the right AC service backing you up, you can minimize unnecessary expenditure, ensure smooth and hassle-free operation, and get the help you need in case of a breakdown.

Choose Dania AC Services

A leading AC service company with over two decades of experience serving the residents of Broward County, you can trust us to deliver a wide range of AC services. With a skilled team at the helm, state-of-the-art infrastructure and the commitment to serve, we’ve become the go-to choice for all things related to air conditioner service.

The best solutions delivered

Unlike other companies in Broward County, we don’t make false recommendations, suggest unnecessary repairs, install ACs improperly, carry out small repairs at the price of a huge one, and try to extort money from our clients. That’s just not how we work! We work based on a quality-oriented work model that’s designed to deliver superior services at reduced prices. This ensures that your AC works efficiently, your electricity bills are kept low, and you don’t have to pay up hefty sums towards maintenance, thus reducing your entire spending towards air conditioners.

We arrive within 30 minutes, no matter where you live in the following cities:


Some of the solutions we provide include:

  • Dania AC Services Dania, FL 954-281-4085AC installation
  • Repairing defunct ACs
  • Flexible maintenance plans
  • IAQ improvement
  • Commercial AC service
  • Overnight installations
  • Leak fixes
  • Duct layout
  • Emergency repairs
  • Clean up and filter change

Do you live in Broward County? If so, get the right help from an AC expert by dialing 954-281-4085!